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My name is Kai Antonio Portolano.

I am a musician, located in Pforzheim/Germany.


Recording / Mixing / Mastering
Mixing Recording Mastering

I would be pleased to help bringing the best out of your music.

I am running my own private studio where i combine modern day equipment with classic audio gear.

Contact me for further informations, details, pricing and file/session compatibility.

Logos Tafel

Der Unterricht findet wöchentlich statt.

Die Ferien richten sich nach dem Ferienplan des Bundeslandes Baden-Württemberg.

Kontaktieren Sie mich um eine kostenlose und unverbindliche Probestunde ( ca. 30 Minuten ) zu vereinbaren.

Lessons 1
Online Guitars
Online Guitars 1

I’ve played guitar on hundreds of tracks. If you’re in the need of some original guitar tracks to your music, contact me. From a sparkling clean to a fuzzed overdriven solo or just an vocoder, feeded by a backwards space echoed guitar. Electric, Classic, Western …

Songwriting & Arrangements

I’ve worked a lot on songs, arrangements, instrumentations, moods & atmospheres. May it be for a song or a piece of music to support your pictures. Get in touch!

Sound for pioctures

Worked with/for :

Telekom, Audi, VW, BMW, Merceds Benz, Siemens, Miele, Internationale Funkasustellung Berlin, Bauhaus, Capri Sun, KitKat, EnBW, Anna Kalus “ Seemanstreue “, Kurzfilm: Projekt 2/9, Rotary Club Stuttgart, Bystronic, Goldstadtsong 2017


Kai Antonio Portolano

Georg-Feuerstein-Strasse 26

75181 Pforzheim


Tel.: +49 171 6752453


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